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THE SOLITARY BEAR - by Puru Saxena (editor and publisher of Money Matters)

Cash is trash! Today, currencies continue to perform their function as a medium of exchange, but they certainly aren't a genuine store of value; or a guardian of purchasing power. Thanks to the ongoing unprecedented money supply and credit growth (inflation) on a global scale, currencies have stopped fulfilling this crucial function; thereby robbing the masses of their hard-earned savings.

The major world currencies have lost between 25% and 75% of their purchasing power through inflation since 1980! For this system to work however, this solitary bear-market in "money" must remain concealed from the public for the fear that the masses may stop accepting these currencies as a medium of exchange. In order to proliferate this fraud, the officials keep up with the "inflation-fighting" propaganda through their totally bogus and meaningless "inflation" figures that are constantly spewed out by the media.

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