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The Invisible Tax - Puru Saxena

Every human being must understand that the Federal Reserve IS inflation.
The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 to create inflation and its
secondary role is to manage the public's inflation FEARS. Over the past 25
years, the Federal Reserve has done a fantastic job at both - inflation
(money supply growth) has gone out of control and the public's inflation
fears have been well contained

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A BRIGHT FUTURE - by James Turk

Predicting year-ahead price action for any asset class is tricky, and
gold, with its sensitivity to political as well as economic currents, is
trickier than most. But tricky does not mean impossible. The way a Wall
Street analyst might look at stocks versus bonds and conclude that one or
the other is undervalued; it's possible to use gold's supply/demand trends
and value relative to other assets to gain an idea of how it should behave
in the short run. Here are two such approaches, both of which (surprise)
are flashing screaming buy signals:

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Here comes the fiscal firestorm - By Dan Denning

"With the median home price rising by 26% in the past five years - while
young adults' income has gone up less than 10% - people in their twenties
are playing an endless game of catch-up. Buying a home isn't even in the
cards since prices in many urban areas where young people go to start their
careers have more than doubled."

- Vanessa Robertson, MSNBC

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GREED IS GOOD! OR IS IT? - by Kevin Kerr

The highflying 1980's movie Wall Street coined the term, "Greed is good."
Well, that's fine in the movies, but in real life trading things are very
different. As the old saying goes; "Bulls make money, bears make money,
and pigs get slaughtered."

There are many rules to successful trading, but what I find even more
important are the "Seven Deadly Trading Sins" to avoid at all cost. I
always teach them to my readers and clients before I suggest they ever
make their first commodities trade.

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Economic evolution by Justice Litle

In discussing gold's return as money in the 21st century, two vital
threads holding this talk together are the concepts of evolution and
natural selection. Not evolution in its controversial form - we will not be
discussing biological origins, the hand of God or the stirring of the
primordial soup. Rather, we are talking about evolution in its
non-controversial form, the process of change and growth that we see
evidence of every day.

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