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THE SOLITARY BEAR - by Puru Saxena (editor and publisher of Money Matters)

Cash is trash! Today, currencies continue to perform their function as a medium of exchange, but they certainly aren't a genuine store of value; or a guardian of purchasing power. Thanks to the ongoing unprecedented money supply and credit growth (inflation) on a global scale, currencies have stopped fulfilling this crucial function; thereby robbing the masses of their hard-earned savings.

The major world currencies have lost between 25% and 75% of their purchasing power through inflation since 1980! For this system to work however, this solitary bear-market in "money" must remain concealed from the public for the fear that the masses may stop accepting these currencies as a medium of exchange. In order to proliferate this fraud, the officials keep up with the "inflation-fighting" propaganda through their totally bogus and meaningless "inflation" figures that are constantly spewed out by the media.

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A HEALTHY GLOW - by Justice Little

"The proposed reactors will be of an improved and simplified design,
pre-approved, more amenable to maintenance and operation than the
first-generation reactors designed before 1980...Some studies estimate that
more than 1,000 additional [reactors] will be needed in the next half
century."  - Retired Los Alamos scientists William R. Stratton and Donald F. Peterson

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." - Bob Dylan

Cigar Lake, in Canada's Saskatchewan province, is home to one of the
richest uranium ore bodies on the planet. At 232 million pounds of proven
and probable reserves, the economic value of the find is nearly $14 billion
by recent spot price.

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BRETTON WOODS - by Addison Wiggin

The year was 1944. For the first time in modern history, an international
agreement was reached to govern monetary policy among nations. It was,
significantly, a chance to create a stabilizing international currency and
ensure monetary stability once and for all. In total, 730 delegates from 44
nations met for three weeks in July that year at a hotel resort in Bretton
Woods, New Hampshire.

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TIME TO GO SHOPPING - by Puru Saxena

The past couple of quarters were traumatic for the commodities investor.
After a huge advance, the natural resources' bull came to a grinding halt
before falling off the proverbial cliff. The carnage that followed yet
again reminded investors not to chase "hot" assets after a big rally. So,
what caused this sudden reversal...and is the commodities bull dead?

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We live in a period of worldwide economic expansion and prosperity. The
world economy is said to grow this year at some five percent, which will be
the third year above the historic average. Even if, in the coming year, the
growth rate should decline a little, the global economy looks bright and
prosperous. Led by some Asiatic countries, especially China and Japan, more
countries than ever before are reporting rapid economic expansion.

But no matter how bright the economic outlook may be, the international
prosperity is exposed to a looming risk, which has even grown in recent

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