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Discover a new level of analysis with the FORECASTER

Imagine if you had a tool that could paint a more probable, easy-to-read picture of the future? A picture-based patent-pending technology that uses any or all of 67 event recognizers. A picture that helps you more precisely set profit targets and stops. That’s what you get with the MetaStock Forecaster, the latest PowerTool available exclusively in MetaStock XIII and MetaStock Pro XIII. The FORECASTER plots a “probability cloud” based on your selection of any of 67 event recognizers. It uses ad- vanced mathematics to examine the price action after these events to determine the probable performance of future events.

Macroeconomics are at your fingertips with EcoStat

Available in MetaStock Pro XIII, EcoStat exploits the extensive set of economic data provided by the XENITH datafeed. EcoStat focuses on key indicators that provide insight into the health of a country’s economy. It provides users with tools for analyzing macroeconomic conditions in 11 countries including the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Russia, China, and Brazil. Traders can use any of the 87 Pre-built EcoStat layouts to enhance their performance by staying abreast of broad macroeconomic conditions. Stocks, bonds, and commodities are strongly affected by the four phases of a business cycle: peak, trough, expansion, contraction.




Breadth indicators at a sector level with SectorStat

Sector stat allows users to analyze 187 market breadth indicators at a Sector level. SectorStat also includes 1 exploration 17 indicators for each of 10 market sectors plus another 17 for the overall market. In addition, SectorStat includes an Oscillator called the Market Sector Rotation Model. An understanding of the markets direction is the first step in top down analysis and sector based investing. However, once the market direction is understood, the rest of the sector analysis is limited. SectorStat will help fill this gap.

More analysis with New Systems, Templates, Indicators, and Expert Advisors

Available in both MetaStock XIII and MetaStock Pro XIII, new systems, templates, indicators and expert advisors including The Dick Arms APC, The Jim Berg Volatility Entry System, The Justine Pollard-Smart Weekly Long System, and the Alan Hull Moving Average.

New Systems

Local Data back by popular demand

The seamless integration of full-time data-on-demand in MetaStock 12 has allowed traders to focus on their trading rather than data maintenance. Now with MetaStock XIII, traders have the added flexibility of analyzing locally stored data. You can chart, explore, system test, and use the all-new Forecaster with the CSV text file format.

Intraday Snapshot on Daily Bars

Now MetaStock customers with a DataLink subscription can view hourly snapshots of daily bars in select markets. No longer do you need to wait until market close to see your daily bar update. You’ll not only be able to view charts, but also run explorations and systems tests on the snapshot data as well.

When you get MetaStock XIII, you get a legendary array of customizable charts, indicators, line studies, templates, and more...


  1. MetaStock Pro XIII is powered by MetaStock XENITH - the most powerful and comprehensive real-time data and news package available to the private trader. MetaStock XIII is powered by DataLink end-of-day data
  2. MetaStock has won the Stocks and Commodities Readers' Choice Award 21 times
  3. Over 250 built-in trading indicators and systems (and endless customization possibilities)
  4. The PowerTools: including the Explorer, the Expert Advisor, the System Tester, and the FORECASTER.
  5. 42 Adaptive indicators which use dynamic parameters to provide more responsive and accurate results
  6. 9 Core Chart Styles (including Bars, Line, Candlesticks, Point & Figure, Kagi, Renko, Three-line break Equivolume and Candlevolume) with an enormous array of line, color, chart, indicator, text, and alert customization possibilities
  7. Easy-to-learn formula language lets you design your own system
  8. The revolutionary Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) all-in-one trading system
  9. Convenient templates that save you time and effort by applying the same set of indicators and studies to different securities
  10. Built-in tool bars that let you easily refresh data, change periodicity, rescale the Y axis, zoom in & out, and choose a security to open
  11. Name-Brand Systems such as Bollinger Bands, Darvas Box, SPYDER Carpe Diem, Conners RSI, and many many more.
  12. FREE customer support and a library of online resources
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for all non-subscription products


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