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No matter how powerful your stock market software, it is useless without the right data!

ProfileData, an industry leader in the supply of financial markets' data to stockbrokers, fund managers, institutions and web portals, offers a wide range of data options for ShareMagic and other packages.

The range of stock prices and other data streams available as part of Magic™(and other ProfileData products) is impressive.


Time-Series Data

Historical prices and values for drawing stock charts and index graphs. ProfileData offers feeds and downloads covering most categories of securities, indices and benchmarks, both local and international.


Fundamental Data

ProfileData's Fundamentals cover the full range of non-price data, from statutory information to dividend declarations, from corporate actions to brand names.


Financial Data

A sub-set of Fundamental Data, historical financials are a science in their own right. ProfileData offers summarised results in comparable, tabular form for all JSE listed companies.


JSE Data

A sub-set of Time-Series Data, JSE Data refers to stock prices, trade information and related statistics provided by the JSE. ProfileData is an authorised JSE Vendor and provides access to JSE feeds and end-of-day data as part of the service. This includes intra-day and live data (in certain categories).


FTSE/JSE Index Data

A sub-set of Time-Series Data, FTSE/JSE Data refers to index data for the overall market and major JSE sectors, such as the well known All Share Index, Top40 Index, Industrials, and so on. ProfileData is an authorised FTSE/JSE Vendor and provides index data for the JSE as well as numerous other stock exchanges.


Unit Trust Data

ProfileData is a leading South African supplier of information on unit trusts and other collective investment schemes (including ETF NAVs). Fact sheets, performance figures, asset allocation and portfolio data are supplied to a broad range of clients, including fund managers, LISPs, newspapers and financial publications. Selected unit trust pricing data is made available Magic™clients (depending on package).


Forex Data

Foreign exchange rates are important to any investor looking at rand-hedge stocks or companies with currency exposure. Major forex rates are included in all of the Magic™ and ProfileData download packages.


Economic Data

Key economic datastreams – such as key interest rates, inflation and house prices – are included in most of the default ProfileData packages.


Commodities Data

Commodity prices provide important leading signals with regard to international trade, market sentiment and world economies. Key commodities are standard in most of the ProfileData packages.


Global Indicators

The interdepence of world markets means that most investors and traders need to look at the behaviour of overseas stock exchanges from time to time. The standard Magic™dataset covers a broad range of international exchanges and other important global indicators.


Breadth Data

These proprietary datastreams act as additional indices that help investors and traders identify price trends and market tops and bottoms. ProfileData's exclusive breadth data, including a range of powerful indicators and oscillators, is calculated for both major sectors and sub-sectors.

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