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Do you want the best of everything? The most powerful analytical tools available?

If you operate in a single user environment, either as an investment professional or a private investor, ShareMagic™ ANALYST offers you turbo-charged data and tools. Manage an unlimited number of portfolios, build your own unique explorations (combining technicals and fundamentals), and get access to the all the information you need with ShareMagic™ ANALYST.

Containing many of the features of ProfileData's top-of-the-range ShareMagic™ ANALYST, ShareMagic™ GOLD offers affordability in a feature-rich package aimed at users who don't require all the power of ANALYST.


Who is ANALYST for?

ShareMagic™ ANALYST is aimed at investors and traders who want ease of use and unlimited capabilities in a single integrated package. With all the power of ShareMagic™ GOLD plus more data and more tools, ShareMagic™ ANALYST is Profile's top-of-the-range desktop package.


What do you get?

The best integrated desktop application available to investors and traders. With many features usually found only in multi-user institutional systems ShareMagic™ ANALYST provides the data and tools needed by the most demanding users.

  1. Simultaneous access to both a resident database and online data
  2. Standardised financial data (minimum ten years) for all JSE listed companies
  3. Built-in company fact sheets including statutory information, brand data, contribution analysis, and much more
  4. Detailed, comparable company financials
  5. Unlimited data exports (Excel, CSV, etc)
  6. Company news, results and media comment
  7. Fully integrated system modules
  8. A comprehensive database including shares, forex, warrants, commodities, bonds, unit trusts, international indicators, and much more
  9. Unlimited portfolios with cash management, dividend analysis and total return indices
  10. Charting of portfolio TRIs
  11. Unlimited product support
  12. Free upgrades



If this describes you, then ShareMagic™ ANALYST is the right package for you:

  1. I want the best that I can get, the premier package
  2. I need speed, power, and maximum flexibility
  3. I want to design my own scans and explorations
  4. I need to keep track of more than one portfolio
  5. I need to export data to Excel for in-depth analysis
  6. I need breadth data and unit trust prices


Advantages of ShareMagic™ ANALYST

  1. Unlimited portfolios and unlimited transactions
  2. The ability to export data into Microsoft® Excel for in-depth, custom analysis
  3. Access to ShareMagic's™ Exploration engine
  4. Unique, multi-factor scans
  5. Exclusive breadth data for securities and sectors
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