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For users who need more charting functionality than you can get in a web environment, ShareMagic™ CHARTprovides the powerful technical analysis capabilities of a resident time-series database.

Who is CHART for?

To understand the power of ShareMagic™ CHART, first consider what you can do with the ShareMagic™ ONLINE product. ONLINE provides a complete range of investment tools, including a sophisticated web-based charting application. This allows you to plot up to 7 year graphs for a huge range of securities, indices, commodities and forex rates. You can also do relatively advanced technical analysis, including indicators, trendlines and overlays.

Why would you need more?

As a web-based tool, the charting application in ONLINE does have certain unavoidable limitations. In addition to all the tools available in ONLINE, ShareMagic™ CHART also gives you speed, control and processing power:


With a resident database, ShareMagic™ CHART makes it possible to work with much more data. If you want longer period charts, multiple overlays and unlimited concurrent windows, ShareMagic™ CHART is the answer.


Customise your work experience in ways that are not possible online. Create as many chart templates as you need, restore your previous workspace, create more powerful watchlists, and much more.

Processing Power

A resident database enables scans and filters that are simply not feasible in a web environment. ShareMagic™ CHART lets you instantly find all shares in a strong upward trend, or to filter and sort shares at the click of a button.


What do you get?

  1. An installed state-of-the-art charting application with a brilliant object-oriented user interface
  2. All the pricing data you need at your fingertips, even if you're offline
  3. A minimum of 10 years pricing history for every security (dependent on listing date)
  4. Extra long-range history for selected indicators and securities
  5. Dozens of powerful indicators for finding trading opportunities
  6. Ongoing access to all the features of ShareMagic™ ONLINE
  7. Unlimited product support
  8. Free upgrades
  9. Profile's discounted ramp-up facility



If this describes you, then ShareMagic™ CHART is what you need:

  1. I want more sophisticated charting than I can get online
  2. I need to plot multiple charts simultaneously and to use a range of user-defined, one-click templates
  3. I want longer time-frame charts with more price history
  4. I need a much broader range of technical indicators, multiple overlays and faster charting
  5. I want to be able to run technical scans across the market (eg, to find all shares giving a buy signal)
  6. I'm happy to access fundamental data and summarised financials via ShareMagic™ ONLINE.


Advantages of ShareMagic™ CHART

  1. A resident database covering a broad range of stocks, warrants, JSE indices, international benchmarks, forex rates, commodities, and much more.
  2. At least ten years' history (where available) for all price streams.
  3. The advantage of speed – multiple price streams can be loaded quickly from your hard drive rather than relying on internet connectivity.
  4. The ability to scan the database for technical signals (eg, find all shares giving a buy signal in the past week).
  5. Much more application control, including the capacity to save multiple templates.
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