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For the investor or trader who wants access to the best charting tools and detailed fundamentals and financial data – all at a reasonable price – ShareMagic™ GOLD is the answer.

Containing many of the features of ProfileData's top-of-the-range ShareMagic™ ANALYST, ShareMagic™ GOLD offers affordability in a feature-rich package aimed at users who don't require all the power of ANALYST.


What do you get

ShareMagic™ GOLD offers users a huge array of outstanding features, most unequalled in any package available to private investors.

  1. All the power of ShareMagic™ CHART plus the advantages of a resident fundamental database
  2. standardised financial data going back at least ten years for all listed companies
  3. company fact sheets
  4. company news organised by share code
  5. fully integrated
  6. single view of fundamentals, news events and price action (ie, can all be displayed on one chart)
  7. portfolio management tools
  8. ShareMagic™ ONLINE included at no additional charge
  9. Unlimited product support
  10. Free upgrades
  11. discounted ramp-up facility



If this describes you, then ShareMagic™ GOLD is the right package for you:

  1. I want instant, detailed fundamentals as well as powerful charting
  2. I want to see the impact of news and fundamentals on price
  3. I want to run scans and searches but I do not want to construct my own explorations
  4. I will not need to keep track of more than one portfolio?
  5. I don't need to export data to Excel for in-depth analysis
  6. I don't require CIS prices or breadth data


Advantages of ShareMagic™ GOLD

  1. The power of time-series data and fundamentals in a single, integrated resident database
  2. Instant display of long-term financial performance of any listed company
  3. Great tools for comparing companies based on financial data
  4. Powerful built-in scans and explorations combining technical signals and fundamental criteria
  5. Outstanding integral alerts covering price thresholds and news, director dealings, results, dividends, cautionaries, and much more
  6. A sophisticated portfolio management facility with institution-level performance measurement
  7. Powerful text searches and customisable filters
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