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All the information and tools you need, available from any computer, no downloads required!

ShareMagic™ ONLINE is the perfect solution for investors wanting immediate access and complete flexibility.


Who is ShareMagic™ ONLINE for?

ShareMagic™ ONLINE is aimed at investors and traders who want the best information available and the convenience of online tools. Although ShareMagic™ ONLINE lacks the power of a resident database, this state-of-the-art web service packs plenty of punch.


What do you get?

  1. Intra-day stock tickers and depth data
  2. Live SENS (stock exchange news)
  3. Detailed company fact sheets
  4. Sophisticated online charting and technical analysis,
  5. Full summarised financials for all companies
  6. Comprehensive toolbox, including watchlists and alerts
  7. Forecasts, market stats, company valuation data, director dealings, performance analysis, and much more
  8. Unlimited product support


ShareMagic™ ONLINE is obviously not suitable for all users. The typical ONLINE user (if not using ONLINE in conjunction with an installed ShareMagic™ package) wants maintenance-free, instantly available, reliable, up-to-date information and is in a position to access this via the web.



If this describes you, then ShareMagic™ ONLINE is the answer to your investment needs:

  1. I have a reliable broadband connection
  2. I'm not interested in automated scans and explorations
  3. I'm happy with limited technical analysis functionality
  4. I want instant access, from anywhere
  5. I don't want to do downloads


Advantages of ShareMagic™ ONLINE

  1. No installation required – browser-based system
  2. Maintenance free – no downloads, no software updates
  3. Always up to date
  4. Accessible from any computer with an internet connection
  5. Combines EoD data, intra-day prices, news, fundamentals and charting in a convenient one-stop online service
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