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Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity is a professional multi-asset trading platform supported by Velocity Trade , a specialist provider of professional trading services. Headed out of Toronto, Canada, Velocity combines investment banking techniques and innovative technology to provide clients with fast, straight-through access to local and international exchanges in much the same way that an institution would access these markets and at institutional prices.

Through its strategic partners Velocity provide individuals and institutions alike with multi-asset Direct Market Access (DMA) to local and global financial markets at competitive rates. Our leading edge trading platform offers listed securities, derivatives, commodities, margin FX and CFD trading as well as a full range of investment funds.

Velocity Trade is majority owned by institutional investors with significant holdings by two global investment banks.

Velocity Trade is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Registered Number 497263), the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Financial Markets Authority in New Zealand.


At Velocity Trade, we use the Direct Market Access (DMA) model, which means that every trade you make is immediately passed directly into the underlying market, with no holds and no re-quotes. DMA means we do not run our own trading book or trade against you nor do we profit from your losses; we want you to be successful at trading and make money.

Immediate trading

Using the DMA model, Velocity Trade passes every position directly into the market when you make a trade, meaning we never trade against clients and never run our own positions. Our high-speed technology allows orders to be processed in milliseconds – ensuring you get the best price even on limit and stop orders.

Conflict-free trading

We want you to succeed at trading and will not cut winning positions to increase our profit or execute stops and limits at prices away from the market. At Velocity Trade, we do not run our own trading book or have any market exposure, making it conflict-free and the most robust trading structure. The majority of foreign exchange dealers use the “market maker” model which means they have dealing desks in which they run their own trading books and act as middlemen to a trade. They set the prices that are shown to you, which may not be the actual interbank or market prices. They can hold your position and take the opposing side to your trade so they can profit from any client losses. DMA means we will never re-quote you on a price; you get the actual price published by the exchange or bank currently supplying the best price. Our trading platform does not allow us to place our own trades, so unlike most dealers; there is no benefit to us if you lose but rather we want you to be successful at trading.

Best available price

Our trading system is linked to the 10 largest banks in the world and to a number of exchanges which all compete to provide the best price at any one time. This connection is what allows us to provide the best price to you. Spreads vary all the time but can become very narrow when we have a bid price from one bank and a nearly identical offer price from another. We select the best available prices and provide these to you when you place an order. Our system processes orders in milliseconds and has ultra-fast links to our liquidity providers.

Best class liquidity

DMA gives our clients access to the best of class liquidity providers, which ensures competitive spreads and wholesale pricing, free from manipulation or interference. This gives customers the ability to trade directly into the market in the fairest and most technologically advanced trading environment. Trading is anonymous so our liquidity providers cannot see your orders and try to stop, hunt or hit them when it’s to their advantage.


Click the link below to see video demonstrations of how Velocity Trade works:

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